Naoko Takasugi is a famous motorcycle racer in Japan. She keeps challenging the All-Japan Road Race Championship from 2006 season. This Championship is top of race in Japan. But, she has never gone up to the victory stand yet.
So, Why is she famous?
Becouse, She is racing without sound. She can`t hear anything causing from her ear. She is deaf in both ears. Can you believe it?
The senses are very important in the race. "Sight, touch, smell and hearing" All senses are necessary for the race. But she can`t hear sound. Of course you can understand easily that is very tough.
Why does she keep racing?
Because she has dream. She said "In the future, I want to race in Europe" That`s why she is challenging top of Road Race Championship in Japan.
She doesn`t have any big sponcer. She is racing by her self. She is spending all salary for races and for dreams.
Now we are looking for any team and sponcer in Europe. If someone interested in her. Please make contact with us. Thank you.

NAME : NAOKO TAKASUGI (Birth:24/Apr/1977)
Year 2000 The first minibike race (NSR50)
Year 2002 Moto Champ Magazine Cup 2 nd place (NSR50)
Year 2003 Moto Champ Magazine Championship 3rd place (NSR50)
Year 2004 The first Road Race (ST600 Class/CBR600RR)
Year 2005 West Japan Road Race Championship Champion (ST600 Class/CBR600RR)
     SUZUKA 4Hours 5th place
Year 2006 The first All-Japan Road Race Championship (ST600 Class/CBR600RR)
Year 2007 All-Japan Road Race Championship (ST600 Class/CBR600RR)
Year 2008 All-Japan Road Race Championship (GP250 Class/RBB250)
     The first SUZUKA 8Hours (EWC/CBR1000RR)
Year 2009 All-Japan Road Race Championship 11th place(GP250 Class/RBB250)
Year 2010 All-Japan Road Race Championship (J-GP3 Class/RS125)
     SUZUKA 8Hours (EWC/Ducati 1098R)
Year 2011 All-Japan Road Race Championship (J-GP3 Class/NSF250R)
     SUZUKA 8Hours (EWC/Ducati 1098R) Finished 42nd place
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